Airport Transfer: Japan Travel SafeRide

Osaka, Tokyo


  • Safe, aware, English-speaking drivers wearing personal protection
  • Separation curtains, ventilation, and other personal space measures
  • Sanitizer, ozone device, per-ride disinfection and cleaning


Do you need to get home safely from the airport? Or are you making a special trip without public transport? Try our SafeRide private cars, fully equipped with virus exposure reducing measures. We offer both safe and reliable airport transfer - Japan Travel SafeRide -  from major airports such as Narita, Haneda and Kansai International to desired addresses in Tokyo and Osaka areas, respectively. Full support prior to and during the service is available in English. 


Stay Safe, Ride with Confidence

In our post Covid-19 world, activities that seemed absolutely normal beforehand are now a source of worry. First among these is the simple act of getting from the airport to your hotel or home, and whether you can do this safely for the benefit of yourself and your family. 

While there is no 100% safe way to be in close proximity with people you don’t know, you can significantly improve the odds by limiting the number of people you come in contact with and by using a transport service that has already taken precautions for your health and well-being.

Introducing the Japan Travel SafeRide service, where we have worked with local private car partner to ensure that all the best practices of personal protection for both yourself and the driver are covered.What’s more, we offer our service in English so that you may communicate any concerns or special requests.

How to Use the Service

  1. Choose the desired route, and date of arrival in Japan
  2. Pay the service in full
  3. Receive confirmation email
  4. Our staff will reach out to you and ask for the details such as flight number, address in Japan you are headed to.
  5. Use the service. Email and chat support with our staff available pre-, and during the service.

How we Protect You
Our Drivers

  • Drivers wear a mask and gloves, changed with each passenger
  • Drivers follow social distancing etiquette, such as stepping back as you board, waiting for you to leave your luggage before loading, etc.
  • English-speaking
  • Regular temperature and health checks
  • You may request to have the driver tested for the presence of Covid-19 antibodies within 24 hrs of your arrival. The test comes at extra cost. Contact us for details at <>
  • You may load your own luggage if you prefer to do so

Our Cars

  • Hand sanitizer as you enter
  • Complementary face mask (N95 masks available on request)
  • Van type, allowing passengers to sit further back in vehicle, comfortable Toyota Alphard available
  • Curtaining between passenger space and driver
  • Open window policy for fresh air flow, or portable ozone device, as you prefer
  • Pre-ride cleansing of all passenger surfaces with disinfectant
  • Trash receptacles for personal trash, bags replaced every ride
  • No ride sharing outside your party

Our Process

  • Careful scheduling to allow proper cleansing and driver rest periods
  • Pre-paid facility if you prefer not to handle cash or come in payment proximity of driver
  • English-language support
  • Special requests handled


  • NRT to Tokyo 23 wards: JPY 38,500 
  • HND to Tokyo 23 wards: JPY 22,000 
  • KIX to Osaka: JPY 33,000 

    Other services: 
    Contact us for details at <>
  • KIX to Kobe: JPY 49,500 
  • KIX to Kyoto: JPY 44,000 
  • NRT to Nagoya: JPY 154,000 
  • NRT to Osaka: JPY 220,000 
  • NRT to Fukuoka: JPY 407,000 
  • NRT to Tokyo 23 wards:
    25-seater large van: starting at JPY 66,000, price is per vehicle
    45-seater large bus: starting at JPY 93,500, price is per vehicle 

Special Services

  • We cater for emergency calls, such as unexpected quarantine requirements.
  • We can also provide special ride service for people needing quarantining, driving directly from airport to quarantine location.
  • Long-distance rides to avoid public transport (e.g., Tokyo-Osaka)
  • Multi-trip bookings
  • Divided group bookings

More Information

  • Chat
  • Email (
  • Phone (+81-(0)3-4588-2679, Monday -Friday, 9 am-5 pm JST only)
    Note: Japan Travel is a Type-2 registered travel agency in Japan. Our private car vendors are licensed transport hire operators.

Important information

Know before you book

Booking Timeframe

  • All Tokyo-and Osaka-area bookings require a minimum 72 hours prior notification.
  • Other areas require a minimum 72 hours, if available.


  • Any call made with less preparation than our regular timeframe is an Emergency. As such our service is offered on a Best Effort basis, and we cannot guarantee availability.
  • Emergency requests automatically draw a JPY 10,000 surcharge on our regular prices.

Refund Policy

  • 10 or more day’s cancellation notice, in writing, prior to date of service – 100% refund
  • 10~5 days prior – 50% refund 
  • 4 or less days prior – deposit is forfeited

Other Languages

  • Other languages may be available with sufficient notice, particularly Mandarin.

Government Compliance

To date there are no government regulations governing virus-protective transport. We are continually monitoring transport ministry notices and if such regulations come into place, we will work to comply with them.

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