Three-day Sacred Trekking around Mt. Fuji!

3 days / 2 nights


  • Panoramic view of Mt. Fuji
  • A simulated experience of Mt. Fuji worship
  • Enjoy the spring water of Mt. Fuji


The aim of this tour is to experience the unique spirit of the Japanese people. In addition to climbing up to the fifth station of Mt. Fuji, which is one of the highlights of the tour, you can also stay at the house of a priest who used to host Fuji-kō (an organization made up of people worshiping the mountain) for a ritual to pray for a safe climb. Also, before and after the ascent of Mt. Fuji, you can also enjoy worshipping from nearby mountains such as Mt. Shakushi and Mt. Mitsutoge. In this way, this tour is unique in that you can spend three days fully enjoying trekking around Mt. Fuji.


Day 1
(Climbing distance: 7.0km, altitude difference: approximately 630m, duration: 5 hours and 30 minutes)

We will first meet at Fujisan Station at 8:30. After visiting Oshino Hakkai, famous for its spring water, we will climb to the top of Mt. Shakushi.

After descending the mountain, we will visit the Fuji-san Museum, which has many exhibits on the faith of Mt. Fuji.

Our accommodation for the night is “fugaku×hitsuki”. It is a renovated traditional "Oshi no Ie (literally “Master's House”)", where the "Fuji-kō" used to overstay.

Dinner will be on your own, but feel free to consult with your guide and enjoy some of the best meals in Fujiyoshida.

Day 2
(Climbing distance: 5.6km, altitude difference: 880m, duration: 5 hours and 30 minutes)

Departing from the Oshi House, we will walk through the "Oshi Town" lined with Oshi houses to the Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine. Here, we will pray for our climbing safety and finally begin our faithful climb. The hiking route starts from a point called Umagaeshi (Literally "turning horseback"), where it was once said that horses could not ascend any further.

On the way, you can see various historical sites related to the beliefs of Mt. Fuji, while enjoying the natural beauty of the mountain as you slowly hike along.

The view from the fifth station will be among the highlights of the trip and definitely an amazing experience that you will never forget!

After the ascent, stay at "Kaneyama-en", one of the best accommodations in Fujiyoshida City, and soak away the fatigue of your climb with hot springs and delicious meals.

Glamping is also available for those who wish to do so. In this case, dinner will be a barbecue using ingredients from Yamanashi Prefecture.

Day 3
(Climbing distance: 11.7km, altitude difference: 950m, duration: 5 hours and 30 minutes)

On this day, we will climb Mt. Mitsutoge, which is known for its panoramic view of Mt. Fuji and rich alpine flora.

At the end of the climb, the trip ends with a view of Mt. Fuji and the famous Churinto Pagoda of Arakurayama Sengen Shrine, which has been featured on the cover of the Michelin Green Guide.

After descending the mountain, we will take a taxi to Fujisan Station and wrap up the tour.

Note: An English-speaking guide will accompany you throughout the three days.

Important information

Included in price

  • Transportation from meeting to departure
  • Admission and experience fees
  • An English-speaking guide
  • Accommodation (2 nights)
  • Meals (2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 1 dinner)

Not included

  • Transportation to and from Mt. Fuji
  • Personal expenses such as souvenirs

Price: JPY 170,000 per person

Before you book:

Cancellation fees are as follows:
20 days prior to the trip: 20% of the total price
7 days prior: 30% of the total price
The day before: 40% of the total price
Before the meeting time: 50% of the total price
After the meeting time and no show: 100% of the total price

What you need to bring

  • Comfortable climbing shoes
  • Comfortable and warm clothes
  • Raincoat

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