Kumano Kodo Ise-ji Walking Tour

Tour the ancient holy city of Ise, trek along Kumano Kodo route, witness beautiful nature in Wakayama

7 days
Mie, Wakayama


  • Experience the ancient and stunning landscape of Ise, known as "The Holy City"
  • Trek the traditional pilgrimage and UNESCO World Heritage Kumano Kodo route, from Ise Grand Shrine to Kumano Sanzan
  • Admire the iconic views of the spectacular cascading waterfall at Nachi Falls, and the traditional Nachi Taisha in Wakayama Prefecture


Mie Prefecture has historically played a strong role in linking Japan, thanks to the pilgrimage routes than run through Ise to the Ise Grand Shrine. Originally founded in 4 BC, Ise Grand Shrine is a vast shrine complex comprising of 125 shrines. It is dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu. It is also commonly believed to be the home of the sacred mirror Yata no Kagami, making it one of the most important sites in the Shinto religion.



Since the Edo period, those visiting Ise would continue their pilgrimage along the Iseji Route to Kumano. The course is known for its variety of natural landscapes, cobblestone paths and bamboo groves. Kumano Kodo is the collective name for the old highway, and has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tour itinerary

Day 1: Nagoya - Ise
The tour participants will meet at Nagoya station and from here we board the train towards Ise. Here is our accommodation, which will be a traditional Japanese Ryokan.

Day 2: Ise - Futami

First we head out to the Outer Shrine of Ise-Jingu. Many restaurants and souvenir shops have opened up along Geku Sando, here we will grab lunch here before heading onwards towards the Inner Shrine. Afterwards we will freely wander around the districts of Obaraimachi. Here you will stumble upon several hidden gems including Japan's smallest sake brewery, a store specializing in sake cups and various other food and souvenir shops along the way.

Day 3: Futami - Umegadani - Kii Nagashima

Today you might be able to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji in between the Meoto-Iwa as the sun rises along the Futami Coast. After breakfast we will head to Futami Okitama Shrine and the auxhiliary Ryugusha Shrine before being transported by minibus to the Kumano Kodo's Tsuzurato Pass.

Day 4: Kii Nagashima - Sugari - Onigajo
We embark today on a course that follows the Ikkoku Pass, Hirakata Pass and Kumagaya-Michi while enjoying the views of the Kumano Sea with its islands. After lunch we will head to Owase and here we explore the area by foot through the traditional fishing villages of Sugari before continuing along the coast to Kumano's Onigajo.

Day 5: Onigajo - Kumano
Before contuining our journey to the Kumano Kodo trail we first head to the shrine where the deities of Izanami and Kagutsuchi are enshrined. Euden-Toge Pass passes through serene cedar forests where you'll discover beautiful environments of the countryside and the surrounding mountains. We continue along the moss covered stone path towards our goal of Maruyama Senmaida which is said to be the home of Japan's best rice terraces.

Day 6: Kumano - Nachi Katsuura
We begin by heading to Kumano Hongu Taisha before heading to Oyunohara where we will find Japan's largest Torii Gate. At the nearby Kamikura Shrine you'll discover the sacred giant rock, Gotobiki-Iwa, located on the mountain top. After lunch you can explore Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine and Nachi Falls.

Day 7: Nachi Katsuura
The tour ends here at Nachi-Katsuura.

Important information

Included in price

  • Meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  • Accommodation

Not included

  • Walking equipment

Important information:

  • You should be able to carry your personal belongings and walk for up to an hour and also be able to climb stairs. You should be able to walk around 15-25km per day. Walks will include some longer ascents and descents over hills. Walks range from 5 to 6 hours per day.
  • Walking mountain paths, which may include lose rocks. Walking poles and proper hiking shoes are recommended.
  • For cancellations more than one calendar month before the Tour start date, only the deposit will be forfeited
  • For cancellations from one calendar month up to and including 15 calender days before the Tour start date, 60% of the total amount will be forfeited
  • For cancellations from 14 calendar days up to and including 8 calendar days before the Tour start date, 80% of the total invoice amount will be forfeited
  • For cancellations within 7 days of the Tour start date, 100% of the total invoice amount will be forfeited

Meeting point

The meeting point is at the Shinkansen bullet train South ticket gates of Nagoya Station

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