Kamakura Farmers’ Market Tour & Lunchbox Making

Visit a well-know local farmers' market in Kamakura, and prepare your own Japanese-style lunchbox

3.5 hours


  • Tour Kamakura's famous local farmers' market
  • Learn how to prepare typical bento side dishes (mostly demonstrations)
  • Learn how to make onigiri and pack your own bento


Take part in creative and fun farmers' market tour and lunchbox making in Kamakura.  Suetei, your host, will guide you to Kamakura’s iconic vegetable market, known as the “Renbai” by locals. Talk to the local farmers to choose ingredients for your miso soup. After shopping, we will move to Suetei’s home-base kitchen at Takaranoniwa. You will cook miso-soup with the fresh veggies you got from the market, and make onigiri with Suetei. She will show you how to make broth “dashi” for miso soup, and give you tips on how to make the best onigiri! At last, you will pack you own bento-box with your onigiri and the “must-have” side dishes for a typical bento-box: egg omelet and some fritters. How you lay out the side-dish "okazu" and onigiri is up to your artistic sense! You can also use leaves from the garden to garnish your bento-box. Picture time and lunchtime will follow. Vegans and vegetarians are welcome. Please let us know when you make a reservation. You can take home the empty lunch box as a souvenir.


Tour a famous vegetable market and find the perfect ingredients for your "bento" lunch box. Get creative, and arrange the lunchbox to your liking. 
The main venue of this experience, Takaranoniwa, is not merely a cooking studio. It is an over 80-year-old Japanese folk house in the forested valley of Jochiji-temple, one of the zen temples of Kamakura. This is a unique place, a plot between the hills that was cultivatedduring the Kamakura Era (12th-13th Centuries, A.D.) deep in history and rich, living culture.
You will make onigiri rice ball and tsukemono pickles, and watch demonstrations for other side dishes.

Menu (subject to change):

  • Onigiri rice ball
  • Tsukemono pickles
  • Tamagoyaki omelette*
  • Tempura*
  • Kara-age fried chicken*
  • + Seasonal side dish*
    * demonstration only

Included in price

  • Learning how to prepare typical bento box side dishes with a local chef
  • Onigiri (rice ball) making
  • Bento box packing and decorating
  • Bento box (container) to take home

Not included

  • Transportation fee from Kamakura to Kita-Kamakura (about 180 yen by bus, 140 yen by train. We will choose depending on the time schedule)

Important information

The experience is available upon request. 
Fill out our inquiry form and Kamakura Mind will get back to you with availability and more information.

Minimum number of participants required for the experience to take place is 6 persons.
Maximum number of participants for the experience is 10 persons. 

Know before you book

  • Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions. Vegans and vegetarians are welcome.
  • Please understand that this area gets poor cell reception.
  • No parking available. Please use public transportation.

Cancellation policy

  • No refund available 7 days prior to the experience due to preparation.
  • Each class has a minimum of 6 participants. The class will be canceled 3 days ( 72 hours ) prior to
    the date if there are not at least 6 participants signed up.

Meeting point

The meeting spot and time: Kamakura City Tourist Information Center (鎌倉市観光案内所) at 9:45.
On the left outside the east exit of JR Kamakura Station. Look out for the Kamakura Mind logo.

Organised by Kamakura Mind

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