Noto Peninsula Bike Tour (7 Days)

Witness the hidden gems of this scenic bike trip by the coast designed as an all-inclusive adventure

7 days


  • Join an all-inclusive cycling tour led by experts
  • Cycle through one of the most scenic areas in central Honshu
  • Explore the hidden gems of Ishikawa Prefecture


JapanTravel offers you the unique experience of cycling and exploring the breathtaking coast of Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa prefecture. 


Explore one of the most scenic coastal cycling routes in Japan - Noto Peninsula, located on the coast of central Honshu. Choose between two tours geared towards the cycling enthusiast. The first one is aimed at experienced riders who cycle regularly, and the second one at casual cyclists looking to enjoy the unique experience of the bucolic Japanese countryside. 

Highlights of these tours include:

  • 7-day stay and 6 days of cycling on Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Friendly, bilingual tour staff
  • Lightweight aluminum road bikes (all weighing less than 11 kg, and with Shimano 105 groupset)
  • Support van, spares, snacks, smart phone SIMs
  • 3-star hotels, traditional Japanese "ryokan" accommodation (with all meals included) – "onsen" hot springs  (where available) and hot public baths at the end of each day
  • Transfers

Genki" Itinerary - for the experienced cyclists 

Day 1: Kanazawa to Togi - 73 km

At the start of our first day in Kanazawa,  we will be checking everyone's bicycles and gear to make sure you are fitted properly. We will set out along the coast of Togi, following both designated cycle routes and wending coastal roads. 
Highlights of the day include: Chirihama Nagisa Driveway - a 20 km ride on a hard-packed sand beach, lunch at a traditional roadhouse near the beach, the Noto Kongo - a scenic lookout point
Elevation gains are modest and riding is an easy 73 km. 
Accommodation: Kogetsukan or similar class

Day 2: Togi to Wajima - 60 km

After breakfast at the hotel, we continue our way northwards, passing through fishing villages, countryside towns, and postcard-perfect scenery. Elevation gains pick up as we hit more rugged coast, after which we make our way inline, along country lanes, before re-emerging once again at the coastline. Lunch is at a roadhouse along the way. We arrive at Wajima in the late afternoon, and check into our accommodation. A well-earned bath at the wonderful traditional "onsen" hot spring is in order as well as dinner with your group. 
Accommodation: Notonosho

Day 3: Wajima to Suzu - 68 km

Today is a long day, starting with a brief visit to the Wajima morning market, abundant with fresh local farm produce and seafood. Afterwards, retracing our steps, we move farther north for the big push to the top end of Noto Peninsula. Along the way, we stop to appreciate the beauty of the famed terraced rice fields. Lunch is a "bento" lunchbox at the half-way point. Scenery at the top of Noto suddenly changes from rugged hillsides to a gentler and easier ride down into Suzu. There are several spikes in elevation gain during the day, but overall it is a smooth and enjoyable ride. Upon reaching your accommodation and checking in, you can relax, take a bath and join your group for dinner and drinks. 
Accommodation: Notojiso or similar class 

Day 4: Suzu to Anamizu - 70 km

Heading out after breakfast, we will make our way outside Suzu, but not before cycling past Mitsukejima, also known as Battleship Rock, which rises 30 meters into the air. We also go past Koiji Beach, the site of many peculiar rock formations, called 'The Beach of Path to Love". Elevation gains are kept to a minimum today, as we proceed to Anamizu. Once there, after checking into our accommodation, another group dinner and drinks await. 
Accommodation: Hotel Castle Manai or similar class

Day 5: Anamizu to Wakura - 63 km

After breakfast, we set off for Wakura Onsen, a traditional Japanese hot spring in the sheltered Nanao Bay. This part of the coast is verdant farming land, offering glimpses of Nanao Bay throughout. We pass over the picturesque Twin Bridge suspension bridge and traverse Noto Island. Depending on time ad interest, we make optional stops at Notojima Aquarium and Glass Art Museum. After reaching Wakura Onsen in the mid-afternoon, you are at leisure to either soak in the hot springs or take an additional short loop ride around the west side of Wakura. Upon checking into our accommodation, group dinner and drinks follow. 
Accommodation: Kagaya or similar class

Day 6: Wakura to Shogawa - 88 km

After breakfast, our day will start with a climb over a small hill range with an elevation gain of approximately 300 m. In addition, this is the longest leg of the trip. Our route takes us along the coast and various back roads, skirting the urban sprawl of Takaoka, and winding up in the beautiful Shogawa-kyo valley, where our accommodation is located. Along the way, you will see Amaharashi Beach, in Himi City, a famous viewing point for fog descending on the beach in the evenings. It makes for a magnificent view at any time of the day. Upon arrival and check in, you can enjoy an "onsen" hot spring bath and join your group for dinner and drinks. 
Accommodation: Yumetsuzuri or similar class

Day 7: Shogawa to Kanazawa (37 km), Tokyo

Today's half-day ride will take us through a low-hill range punctuated by rivers, forests, quaint farming communities and quiet roads. We subsequently descend into Kanazawa, near the station, have a late lunch and end up with a debriefing and equipment check. Afterwards, you depart for Tokyo via the "shinkansen" bullet train, which marks the end of the tour. 

Easy Itinerary - for the recreational cyclists

Day 1: Kanazawa to Wajima by bus, Wajima loop (34 km)
After meeting at Kanazawa Station, we have an early morning start and leave by bus bound for Wajima and its  local market. Upon an hour or so spent exploring the market, we have an early lunch and meet up at the staging point to fit up for the bicycles, helmets and the rest of the equipment.  Our first cycling takes us past rugged coastline - the beautiful Nishiho Kaigan, and forested farming hinterland, following mostly small country lanes. We frequently take rest and snack stops, as this is our first day. Upon arriving at our accommodation and checking in, you can enjoy a hot spring "onsen" bath, followed by a group dinner and drinks. We recommend an early night for the push through to Suzu the next day. 
Accommodation: Notonosho or similar class

Day 2: Wajima to Suzu - 44 km

Upon breakfast, we set off northeast towards Suzu. Along the way, we cycle past the terraced fields of Shiroyone Senmaida  called "One thousand rice fields". Leaving the coast, we cut across the top of Noto Peninsula to get to Suzu, passing through lush nature. Lunch will be a "bento" lunchbox, from the support van, about half-way of today's course. Although we will have several climbs throughout the day, this is generally an easy ride. After arriving at our accommodation and checking in, we wrap up our day with a bath, group dinner and drinks. 
Accommodation: Notojiso or similar class

Day 3: Suzu Loop - 39 km

Some say the best part of Noto is the top end, and today we enjoy traversing the northeastern loop, taking a small country road through to the northern coast, then following the coastline back to Suzu. Along the way, we pass Yamabushiyama, where there is an observation deck for the group to take in sights of the Sea of Japan. Returning to Suzu, we take a break, a bath, then meet for group dinner and drinks.
Accommodation: Notojiso or similar class

Day 4: Suzu to Anamizu - 60 km

The daily itinerary is equivalent to Day 4 in the "Genki" Itinerary, however with less distance is covered. 
Accommodation: Hotel Castle Manai or similar class

Day 5: Anamizu to Wakura - 41 km

The daily itinerary is equivalent to Day 5  in the "Genki" Itinerary, however with less distance covered. 
Accommodation: Kagaya or similar class

Day 6: Wakura to Takaoka - 54 km

This day takes us on the only challenging climb of this leg of our cycling route as the elevation rises to above 200 m along the one-quarter mark. Subsequently, we follow the coast, passing by Amaharashi Beach in Himi City, Toyama Prefecture, where fog descending on the beach makes for the magnificent view. We continue into the city of Takaoka and our accommodation. Here the riding portion of the tour ends, we have a debriefing and equipment check. Upon hotel check-in, it is time for a breather, hotel baths, and afterwards a final group dinner and drinks. 
Accommodation: New Otani Takaoka or similar class

Day 7: Takaoka, Tokyo

Prior to heading for Tokyo, we spend a day in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture. You can visit the Takaoka Kojo Park and  Zuiryuji Temple - both Takaoka's most famous attractions, and also Kanayamachi old town, untouched by modern times, where you can find a film museum, quaint craft shops and cafes. Lunch is arranged at a traditional restaurant in the area. In the early afternoon, the bullet train from Shin-Takaoka station takes you to Tokyo, and this marks the end of the tour.

Important information

Minimum number of participants required for either tour to run is 7. 
Maximum number of participants per either tour is 16. 

A shorter version of this tour is available as 4-day Noto Cycling Tour
A longer version of this tour is available as 12-day Kyoto-Noto Cycling-Tokyo Tour

This tour includes:

  • All accommodation and meals
  • Bikes and cycling gear: helmets (optionally you can bring your own), spares
  • Tour leader assistant
  • Backup van and bilingual driver/assistant
  • First aid
  • Smart phones and SIMs
  • Walkie-talkies where needed
  • Some (limited) cash and credit 
  • 24/7 bilingual call center support in case of emergency

The tour does NOT include:

  • Transportation to/from starting and ending points of either tour
  • Activities stated as "Options" in either tour itinerary: these may cost extra and usually need to be arranged prior to departure. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to take up any of these activities and/or need additional services

* Although these tours include some limited 3rd party property and injury insurance, we encourage our customers to arrange private travel insurance for the duration of the tour

Other important information:

Noto Peninsula Cycling - Clothing & Seasons

  • Clothing requirements vary by season. Keep in mind that Japan's weather can change quickly and dramatic temperature fluctuations are especially common in the mountains
  • Helmets (which we provide) are compulsory on our tours, and so are sturdy cycling or sports shoes
  • We also recommend padded pants since our road bikes have firm seats

Meeting point

The meeting point for the tour participants will be at Kanazawa Station. Details regarding the meeting point and the tour itself will be sent to all participants via email several days prior to departure.

Organised by Japan Travel KK

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