Get Prepaid Suica IC Card

Use the convenient Suica IC card to travel and shop without handling cash while you are in the move in Japan.


  • Get on trains, buses, subway without tickets or cash, use various services and purchase goods easily
  • There is no need for calculating fares, fees and prices
  • Easy pickup in central Tokyo or delivery to hotel accommodation in Japan


Travel and purchase goods and services hassle free while on the move in Japan. Get the prepaid Suica IC Card, with JPY 2,000 worth of deposit - pick it up at Japan Travel offices in central Tokyo or have it delivered to your hotel accommodation in Japan. Enter train stations without tickets, pay for goods in shops, kiosks, and restaurants, and for services such as taxis, parking and lockers. The Suica IC card comes prepaid with JPY 1,500 and JPY 500 deposit charged by JR East Japan at time of card issuance. You may retrieve the JPY 500 deposit before leaving Japan at a JR Ticket Office (Midori-no-madoguchi) at any JR East station. 


Use trains, subway, buses, and various services such as taxi and rental coin lockers with Suica, rechargeable IC card. The widely spread and convenient e-money card comes with prepaid JPY 1,500 and JPY 500 of deposit which is charged by JR East Japan at the time of card issuance. You may retrieve the deposit at a JT Ticket Office, the so-called Midori-no-madoguchi at any JR station prior to your departure from Japan.
Suica IC card is easy to use.
When using transportation - all you have to do is tap the card on the ticket gate reader. If your balance is insufficient, you will need to top up the card at any any ticket vending machine or a fare adjustment machine which have the Suica logo on them and are located in train and subway stations, outside the ticket gates. 
When making other purchases - you need to tap you Suica card on the card reader. You may use the card to make purchases on trains, in convenience stores, for renting coin lockers, when using vending machines and in restaurants. 

Important information

Included in price

  • Suica IC card with 1,500 yen of prepaid deposit and 500 yen retrievable deposit
  • Shipping fee (for the 'Hotel accommodation (within Japan) delivery option)
  • Pick up your Suica IC card at Japan Travel KK offices in central Tokyo, any time between 9:00 and 19:00, Monday through Friday.
    Alternatively, have the card delivered at your Japan hotel accommodation. 
  • You may top up your Suica IC card in increments of JPY 1,000. Use automated ticket vending machines or fare adjustment machines in train and subway stations for top ups. Only cash is accepted when charging the card. Credit or debit cards may not be used for topping up the card. The maximum stored amount on the card is JPY 20,000. The card may be topped up unlimited times. The card expires if it is not used for 10 years. 
  • If you decide to return your Suica IC card, a deposit of JPY 500 will be given, and a service fee of JPY 220 charged. If the balance on the card is less than JPY 220, the balance is simply zeroed out. 
  • Suica IC card may be used instead of other regional IC cards, such as ICOCA and PiTaPa (Kansai), TOICA and Manaca (Nagoya), Kitaca (Sapporo), SUGOCA and Hayakaken (Fukuoka) and nimoca (Kyushu). Suica may be used on the Hiroshima's street, as well as several other regional transport systems.
  • For hotel accommodation in Japan delivery allow up to 3 business days
  • Please note that Japan Travel offices are closed on weekends, and all public holidays that fall on weekdays and no orders are handled during those times

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