Premium Economy Rental Wifi in Japan

Enjoy the premium coverage at affordable prices. The premium economy WiFi has around 20 hours of battery life which is enough for your one day trip. A total of 20G of data is available.

7 days +
All Japan Prefectures


  • 99.9% population coverage
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Easy return by prepaid envelope


Secure your convenient access to the internet and stay connected while traveling in Japan. The 99.9 % population coverage ensures you get data across the country, even in more remote areas. The battery life of the premium economy rental WiFi is 20 hours, which guarantees you data throughout a one-day of traveling. You have 20 GB of data at your disposal.

We, Rentalwifi, provide more than a pocket WiFi - we care. Rental WiFi in Japan services seldom differ but what stands out with is our caring staff who provide a very quick response to our customers most of whom turn out to be our repeated customers. Our care is our pride, and we aim to continue to upgrade our Premium Economy Rental WiFi in Japan service. Together with our dedicated staff we aim to ensure a smile on every customer's face. 


Have your Premium rental WiFi device delivered to a major international airport in Japan, your accommodation or to a residential address in Japan and enjoy the 10 GB of data during your stay. Your pocket WiFi rental order contains the device, a USB cable, an adapter, a pouch and a prepaid envelope for a convenient return to any mailbox in Japan. 

Important information

Included in price

  • Pocket WiFi device, USB cable, AC adapter
  • Pouch for WiFi device
  • Prepaid envelope
  • Place your order at least 7 days prior to the date you wish to start using the WiFi device. 
  • Once you have finished using the device: turn off the device, place the device, AC adapter, and the USB cable into the enclosed pouch. Place the pouch into the envelope. Drop the envelope in any mailbox across Japan or at the post office counter at any of the airports. 
    *Please note that there are no mailboxes available at airports past security and passport checkpoints. 
  • Pickup locations available are as follows: 

          Post office at:

          Hotel accommodation in Japan:

  • Hotel name and address
  • Name the hotel reservation is under
  • Check in date

    Residential address: 
  • Name 
  • Address in Japan
  • Contact telephone number
  • About Insurance: The optional insurance costs JPY 500, however in case of damage or loss of the WiFi rental device, the compensation of JPY 20,000  is reduced by half, and with the purchased optional insurance, the charge to the customer is JPY 10,000. 
    In case of loss and/or damage of the equipment, customer will be responsible for the following charges: 
    Modem: JPY 20,000 (JPY 10,000 if the optional insurance is purchased)
    AC adapter: JPY 1,000
    USB cable: JPY 1,000 
    Pouch: JPY 1,000
  • Additional rental day: JPY 300 /day
    Contact us at <> if you would like to extend your rental period.
  • Cancellations and refunds:
    8 days or more before the pickup date: no cancellation fee
    Within 7 days of the pickup date: JPY 1,000 
    Upon delivery of the order, customer agrees that there will be no refund provided unless the device proves to be malfunctioning/inoperable.
    For more on  Terms and Conditions please click here. 

Starting point

Premium Rental WiFi device pick up locations include post office counters at: 
Narita Airport Terminal 1, Narita Airport Terminal 2, Kansai International Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, New Chitose Airport Terminal, and Haneda Airport.
Other delivery options include hotel accommodation and a residential address in Japan. 
The Google Map below shows Narita Post Office Airport Terminal 1.

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