Rental Campervan for Travel in Japan

Discover wonders of Japan while traveling freely and conveniently in a campervan

Tottori, Shimane, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Kanagawa, Okayama, Chiba, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo


  • Travel at your own pace without worrying about time schedule and accommodation
  • Japan is a safe country, travel carefree
  • Choose a pick up location and various add-ons that best meet your travel needs


Traveling in Japan in a campervan is without a doubt an amazing experience.
Japan Camping Car Rental Center Group is one of the largest campervan rental company in the country with over 70 vehicles available nationwide. Pick ups are available at major airports - such as Narita Intl. Airport, Kansai Intl. Airport, New Chitose in Hokkaido, throughout Tokyo and in many other locations.
Please note that the pick up and drop off need to be the same area. 


Renting a campervan and setting off on a journey is a very different traveling experience compared to going on a tour. 
You can choose your destination freely and spend nights marveling starry skies from the comfort of the rental campervan. 

There is no need to worry about parking or sleeping inside a campervan. 
Across Japan, there are numerous so-called "Michi no eki" or roadside rest areas alongside highways and roads where you can park and spend the night inside the campervan. These areas provide clean, free-of-charge toilets (our campervans do not have them), as well as shops with various food and drink items. Roadside rest areas are safe, and there is no danger of running into wildlife either. 

In addition to "michi no eki", there are several hundred so-called service areas along highways in Japan. These rest areas are modern facilities which provide toilets that can be used free of charge and are also ideal for spending the night in your rental campervan. 
Convenience stores, open 24 hours and found across the country also provide toilets for use for those who make a purchase, and apart from these, railroad stations, shopping malls and many other places offer toilets that can be used without charge. 

If lost or in need of information, feel free to ask locals - Japanese people are friendly and always ready to help. 

The Japanese are also known for their love of bathing. Across the country there are numerous "onsen" hot springs as well public baths that offer a bathing experience different to those found outside Japan. 

Auto camps are also widely available and offer a great travel experience and a comfortable stay.

We offer everything you may need for your Japan rental campervan journey, such as kitchen utensils. sleeping bags and lanterns. In winter season, our vehicles are equipped with economical heating devices, so there is no need for keeping the engine running in order to heat the inside of the campervan during cold winter nights. In Hokkaido, where winters bring heavy snowfall being prepared is vital, however as this area of Japan offers fantastic opportunities for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, the number of visitors is on a steady increase. 

Important information

Driving a campervan in Japan
To rent a camper van in Japan, you are required to have an international driver's license issued by the country which is a member of the Geneva Convention.
Alternatively, if you have a license issued by one of the following countries: Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Slovenia, or Monaco, you are required to carry your driver's license and the official Japanese translation of the license.

For more information refer to Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) page. 

This service includes

  • Rental vehicle and optional add-ons if selected

This service does NOT include

  • Gasoline fee
  • Toll fees

*Rental prices depend on the season.

  • Standard campervan: 17,000 yen - 38,000 yen
  • High-end campervan: 21,000 yen - 43,000 yen
  • Standard RV campervan: 19,000 yen - 42,000 yen
  • High-end RV campervan: 24,000 yen - 49,000 yen

High season dates

  • 03/15~04/07
  • 07/12~08/09、08/18~09/01

Premium season dates
*It is necessary to rent a vehicle for the period of at least 3 days (72 hours) during the premium season.

  • 2019/4/26~2019/05/05
  • 2019/08/10~2019/08/17
  • 2019/9/13~2019/11/3

About filling out the Inquiry Form

Besides the designated fields, please enter the following in the inquiry form provided:

  • Places of rental
  • Location of rental
  • Number of passengers adult: child(under 12), child(under 6):
  • Time (Start date)
  • Time (End date)
  • Class of camper
  • Destination
  • International Driver's license YES, I have. NO
  • Country for obtaining international driver's license
  • Country of citizenship

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Anshin (Safe) Compensation Service?
Except for the accident against vehicle, customers bear the repair cost of the damage of vehicle (interior and exterior). By applying for this service, customer’s burden of repair cost of vehicle will be suppressed to the fixed amount.
Service charge: 2,000 yen (tax excluded) /day
Upper limit of payment for repairing: 100,000 yen per each accident (excluding tax)
*Non Operation Charge will be charged separately.

Non-Operation Charge

What is Non-Operation Charge (NOC)?
NOC is imposed during repairing period in the case of damage, theft, etc. since it causes sales opportunity loss.
Amount of NOC for Vehicle:

  1. In the case the car does not move by itself and not to be returned to the place of expected; 150,000 yen
  2. In the case the car moves by itself and returned to the place of expected; 100,000 yen

Amount of NOC for Equipment:

  1. In case it is unusable · · · · · · · · 100% of purchase price of substitute item
  2. When repair is required · · · · · repair days × rental fee per day of the corresponding item × 50%


What is damage deposit?
Apart from the rental fee, we require 100,000 yen as a damage deposit by credit card on the day of rental. We will refund the full amount within 2 weeks if the vehicle is not defective at the time of return.

We take the part of fee from the deposit if the camper is returned under the following conditions:

  • Damages or spots on the outside of the camper
  • Rental options are damaged or lost
  • Gasoline is not full
  • Time of return is extended


Can I return the camper van at a place different from the place of rent?
It is available places under the same sales office. Between different sales offices it is available only in Tokyo area (Ebisu, Shinagawa, Futako-Tamagawa, Ryogoku, Narita Intl. Airport).
*You can not return the camper to different place between different sales offices.

Where is the place of rent and return?
Tokyo C.R.C.
Shinagawa Sta. 
Ebisu Sta.  
Futako-Tamagawa, Sta. 
Ryogoku Office

Narita C.R.C.
Narita Sales Office 
Narita International Airport (free shuttle service)

Yokohama C.R.C.
Yokohama Sales Office

Osaka C.R.C.
Osaka Sales Office 
Namba Sta. (Free allocation service)
Tennoji Sta (Free allocation service) 
Kansai International Airport (pay delivery)

Okayama C.R.C.
Okayama Sales Office 
Okayama Sta. (pay delivery)

Aomori C.R.C.
Aomori Sales Office
Aomori Hachinohe Sta. (Free allocation)

New Chitose C.R.C.
New Chitose Sales Office
New Chitose Airport (free shuttle service)

Asahikawa C.R.C.
Asahikawa Sales Office
Asahikawa Airport (free shuttle service)

Okinawa C.R.C.
Naha Sales Office

Sanin C.R.C.
Sanin Sales Office 
Yonago Airport (free allocation service) 
Yonago Sta. (free allocation service) 
Tottori Airport (pay delivery) 
Izumo Airport (pay delivery)

Kyoto C.R.C.
Kyoto Sales Office

How can I contact you upon my arrival in Japan? 
We will form an SNS  before your arrival. Please contact us through this SNS group. Please note that the staff are not native English speakers. 

Organised by JAPAN C.R.C.

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