Virtual Tour: Secrets of Kagoshima Shochu

Why Shochu is so special in Kagoshima? Let's learn with a Shochu specialist and Craftsman of Shochu in our virtual tour.

1 hour


  • Shochu producing season is limited! Join the distillery tour virtually when the craftsmen are working
  • Learn and see first-hand how shochu is produced under guidance of the Shochu master and the craftsmen
  • How can you drink and enjoy shochu at home? The Shochu Master will give you some insider tips!


Shochu is the most famous spirit in Kagoshima. The prefecture is home to over 114 distilleries and over 2000 brands of shochu. In the production process,  the key is fermentation and the quality of the ingredients. Find out about the process of distillation and what it entails.  Learn from the experts at Meijigaura Distillery not only about the production but also what it takes to fix a perfect drink of shochu at home. 
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Our virtual tour will be walking you through a shochu distillery together with our host, Miki. She is a state-licensed guide and a certified shochu navigator. Together with a craftsman from the distillery, she will show you around the complex and explain what the traditional production methods are as well as tell you about the culture of shochu.
The distillery is over one hundred years old, and still very active. It is situated in the southern part of Kagoshima, in Meijigura. Kagoshima prides itself on a long history of local distilleries and it is said there are over 114 of them in the prefecture, as well as over 2000 brands of shochu. 

Beside Miki, Yoshie, who is also a Shochu Meister, will be joining the tour as the moderator.  Feel free to ask questions throughout the session and our dedicated team will be there to answer them. 
At the end of the tour, you will learn how to enjoy shochu at home, as recommended by the shochu experts! 

Prepare your preferred beverage and let us introduce you to the world of the famous Kagoshima spirit - shochu! 

Important information

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  • English-speaking guide

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  • Real tour
  • Telecom charge which occurs at your end

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  • Cancellation policy: The tour fee is non-refundable. 
  • With the tour booked, you can join with your family and friends using your device (one device only).
  • If the tour is canceled due to bad weather conditions, a notice will be sent by e-mail before 18:00 JST one day prior to the tour. The guests will be able to reschedule/choose the alternative day or the tour fee paid will be fully refunded.
  • Please download Zoom in advance and make sure you have stable internet connection environment before the tour
  • If any system problem occurs on our side, we will refund JPY 1,500.
  • The time is Japan Standard Time (GMT +9:00). To check the time zone difference between your country and Japan, you may refer to this time zone converter

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This is an online experience. Once you place your booking, the organizer will send you the Zoom link for accessing the tour.

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