Kyoto: Virtual Visit to Color-changing Fabric Studio

Visit the Yusai-tei workshop and learn about the making of color-changing Yumekouro dye, enjoy Arashiyama - the lush bamboo forest as well as the scenic riverside.

1 hour


  • Visit Yusai-sensei’s charming workshop in Kyoto’s Arashiyama area
  • Learn the history and secrets of this color changing dye and watch the artists at work
  • View original items for purchase and have them delivered from Japan


Join an online guided tour of the Yusai-tei workshop, located in the picturesque Arashiyama. This area is famous for the lush bamboo grove and elegant Togetsu Bridge. You will also be able to enjoy the Arasiyama area, the bamboo forest and the beautiful riverside.

The online experience displays artisan Okuda Yusai's original color-changing pieces of fabric and tells their story. This specific dye technique has a long tradition. Throughout the history of Japan only emperors wore rich garments made of this fabric. During this tour you will have the opportunity to choose and purchase items you like. You will be receiving your purchased items afterwards. This online tour is brought to you by THE JUNEI HOTEL, where these stunning pieces of fabric are also on display. 


The online experience includes the general history of the color-changing dye and how Yusai-sensei was allowed to study historical texts and emperors’ clothing to reverse-engineer the dye and produce his own original works, as well as a look at the workshop and many displays of Yusai-sensei’s original works that show how the color changes, such as a kimono with green maple leaves that turn bright red in the sunlight. At the end of the tour, if the customer likes, they can view items for sale, and purchases can be made in person on the customer’s behalf. 
The outline of the tour is as follows: 
10 minutes tour of Arashiyama area
10 minutes tour of Bamboo forest
40 minutes of Visit to the master’s studio, dyeing experience

Important information

Included in price

  • Tour of Yusai-tei displays and workshop
  • Interpreting for customers and Yusai-sensei
  • Viewing of items available for purchase (scarves, ties, wallets, etc.)
  • Purchases and shipping arranged on behalf of the customer (decisions must be made by conclusion of tour)

Not included

  • The price of any items chosen or shipping costs

Know before you book

  • Price: JPY 5,000 per person
  • Minimum 2 persons and maximum 10 persons may join one session
  • Cancellation: 
    3 days prior to the tour date: 50% of tour price
    On the day, no-show: 100%
  • Due to COVID-19, there are no reliable estimates on international shipping times. Customers accept that there may be a long wait for their items.
  • The customer must provide credit card information for purchases before the tour.
  • This online experience is done via Zoom.
  • Please make sure you have access to Zoom on the device you will use to join the online experience. Once your booking is confirmed, the organizer will send you the Zoom URL link and password for access. To check the time zone difference between your country and Japan, you may refer to this time zone converter

Starting point

This is an online experience. Once you book the experience, the organizer will send you the Zoom link required for you to access the session. 

Organised by The Junei Hotel

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