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Experience Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement also known as Way of the Flower) in English at a beautiful and authentic Japanese tea room with "Tatami" and "Tokonoma" in central Tokyo with a guidance of licensed instructor of Sogetsu school of Ikebana, Ms. Hamei Matsumoto.

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2 hours


  • During the experience, you will actually arrange Ikebana at your own following the presentation by and with close guidance of the licensed Ikebana instructor, Ms. Hamei Matsumoto
  • The experience takes place in the beautiful and authentic Japanese tea room with "Tatami" and "Tokonoma” in a private promise of quiet residential enclave in central Tokyo, only 20 minutes door to door from both Shinjuku and Shibuya stations
  • Traditional sweet with the view of small Japanese box garden, and you will be surely touched with depth and breadth of Ikebana, also known as Way of the Flower


What is IKEBANA?
Japan is blessed with changing seasons and plentiful flora. However, Ikebana isn't about just arranging flowers beautifully. Ikebana is like the painting, expression of arts using plant materials. Plants materials are often perfectly beautiful in its natural states and what humans can do to reproduce it in another place? It starts from observing plant color, shape and texture. With the help of nature, man’s hand expresses artistic inspiration and make your own flower.

What do you do during the 100-minute experience?
I will provide brief background of Ikebana with video I created. You will see my demonstration of how to install plant materials and learn tips. Then you will actually arrange Ikebana following the basic upright style. At the end of 100 minutes, you will enjoy a fresh green tea and Japanese traditional sweet with a view of Japanese box garden in front of the tea room.

What will you find?
You will be touched with depth and breadth of Ikebana, also known as Way of the Flower. Zen teachings have heavily influenced Ikebana and rustic simplicity that Zen elevated as arts in forms of not only Ikebana but also other Japanese traditional arts such as tea ceremony and garden. Through experiencing arranging seasonal plant materials according principle of Ikebana, you will have deeper understanding on sense of beauty in Japan that is inherent in Japanese arts, architecture and traditional martial arts as we. Indeed, Ikebana shows you the way of life, and you may find an element of it during the experience! The experience will be a memorable one for your stay in Japan.


You are welcomed by the sign in front of the house, which leads you to a Japanese small garden in the private house. You will enter the tea room from the Japanese garden (yes, taking off your shoes and leaving them at a big stepping stone at the entrance of the tearoom) and make yourself comfortable for the experience to start.
~10 minutes: Brief background of Ikebana, its history, origins, current landscape
~10 minutes: Demonstration of Ikebana
~40 minutes: You will actually arrange plants materials with step by step guidance
~20 minutes: Enjoy a fresh Japanese green tea and sweets
~10 minutes: Photos

Important information

Included in price

  • Plant materials, vases, Ikebana scissors, everything you need
  • A fresh green tea and Japanese traditional sweets at the end of the experience

Not included

  • Transportation to the tea room (Fare from both Shinjuku and Shibuya Station to Sakurajosui Stations by train is only JPY 154)
  • No wheelchair access at the moment

Know before you book

  • Given the plant materials are purchased from a flower market in advance, there will be cancellation charge of 2 days prior to the day of your trip
    1 day prior: 70% of tour price
    On the day, no-show: 100% of tour price 
  • The maximum number of participants per workshop is 4, minimum is 1.
  • Solo travelers as well as families are welcome (But children who can use scissors without the assistance of adults can take a part in the experience).

What you need to bring

  • Nothing, just bring your curiosity and camera 
  •  If you are a smoker, the premise is smoke free, but you can smoke in the Japanese garden, there will be mosquitoes during summer, so bringing a mosquito repellent would be useful.

Starting point

We will meet directly at the tea room of the Atelier Shoro. The Atelier Shoro is located 5 minutes from Sakurajosui Station, a station of Keio line (10 minutes from both Shinjuku and Shibuya stations by a local train), within the private premise of Japanese residential enclave. You will see the sign just like in the photos to welcome you in front of the premise.

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Organised by Atelier Shoro

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Aug 01, 2019

I had a great time discovering the history & different techniques of Ikebana and learning more about about Japanese culture in general. Naomi-san was very patient and helpful and the outcome was really rewarding !! I would recommend this true Japanese experience for those wanting to get of the beaten tracks and wanting more from their visit in Japan. Book NOW before she gets world-class famous and over booked ! :)


Jul 30, 2019

100 mins of pleasant experience. Blissful location overlooking a serene miniature garden and cheerful Naomi sensei. She provided all the equipment and taught us patiently. I learnt the basics of ikebana and made my very own ikebana for the first time. I would love to learn more and get mystical touch that Naomi gives to her ikebana creations.


Jul 29, 2019

Naomi's Ikebana workshop surrounded by beautiful Japanese atmosphere was indeed tremendous. I truly want to recommended her class to anyone who is interested in Japanese flower arrangement from the basic level even without any knowledge on Ikebana to the intermediate/advanced level. She kindly provided with the history on Ikebana and helpful skillset to perform Japanese flower arrangement effectively and gracefully. Her atelier in tea room is tranquil and in Japanese classical environment with the fine view of small but beautiful Japanese garden. She helps you understand and focus on creating space and your own art for Ikebana and supports you in quite friendly manner. Please grab a great chance to join her workshop! Highly recommended. I will continue attending her Ikebana workshops.


Jul 29, 2019

It was a pleasant afternoon on typhoon day. At the beginning, we were surprised by the beautiful Japanese garden of Naomi's house, where this cultural experience was started. As a first-timer, who didn't know anything about Ikebana, Naomi's detailed explanation was very helpful. Being able to do Ikebana in her tatami room had made this experience very authentic. After we had our Japanese flower arrangement done, all of us enjoyed the photo shooting time with Japanese tea /desert prepared by Naomi.

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