Spectacular Mount Fuji Tour

Tour the secluded villages surrounding Mount Fuji and the pleasant lake district

9 hours


  • Get up close and personal with Mt. Fuji, the highest and most majestic mountain in Japan
  • Visit Oshino Hakkai, a beautiful village, located in the area which was formerly the 6th lake around Mount Fuji that dried out
  • Convenient free WiFi service available on the bus


The tour takes you around Mt. Fuji and the surrounding area to see the glory mountain as well as to visit several wonderful spots, for example, Lake Kawaguchi and Oshino Hakkai which is a rural village where traditional thatched-roof houses are in existence.


Mount Fuji - the tallest natural monument has been inspiring dozens of artists, also recently declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Experience its breathtaking beauty by visiting several marvelous spots as follows.

Tour itinerary

8:50 am: Departure from the “LOVE” monument at Shinjuku

Oshino Hakkai “Oshino Eight Ponds”
・The area offers excellent views of Mt. Fuji with natural spring water in vicinity
・See  traditional and rural landscapes
・Enjoy walking around natural ponds
・Try fresh fruit and local food products

Oshino Shinobi no Sato “Oshino Ninja Village”
・Enjoy spectacular views of Mt. Fuji from a scenic Japanese garden
・Experience the Japanese traditional ninja culture
・Take photos with the ninja
Lunch info:
・Please bring your own lunch 
Note: There is only one restaurant in Oshino Ninja Village

 Mt. Fuji 5th Station
・Get the closest view of Mt. Fuji there
・Visit "Komitake Shinto shrine" to greet the god
・If the 5th station is inaccessible, we will reach the highest on the driveway of the day.
・If we can only access the 1st station, we will attend Fuji Visitor Center as an alternative activity.

Fuji Airways
・View Mt. Fuji throughout all seasons 
・Indoor, safe and enjoyable activity for all ages
・4D experience ride made by using the latest Japanese technology

Lake Kawaguchi-ko
・A gateway to Mt. Fuji and a must-see sight for its perfect Mt Fuji scenery
・Enjoy the natural reflecting pool for Mt. Fuji
・Taste fresh blueberry ice cream

Around 17:50pm: Return to Shinjuku Station West exit

Important information

This tour includes:

  • Coach transfer
  • Admission for Shinobi no Sato & Fuji Airway
  • Multilingual audio guidance: there are English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Thailand and Indonesia
  • English-speaking tour assistant

This tour does NOT include:

  • Lunch 
  • Any personal expenses incurred during the tour

Other important information: 

The order of the itinerary is subject to change depending on traffic, weather and operational schedule. The final meeting point is at the "LOVE" monument in Shinjuku, in front of the "Shinjuku i-land" Tower (Nishi Shinjuku) at 8:45 am.
Should any of the places outlined in the itinerary be closed/inaccessible, alternative sightseeing spots will be suggested.

Meeting point

We can organize hotel pickups at the following hotels:

Shiba Park Hotel at 7:50 am

Keisei Ueno station at 7:50 am

Shiodome station at 8:00 am

McDonald's at Suido-bashi station at 8:00 am

Imperial Hotel at 8:10 am

Hotel New Otani at 8:30 am

Shinjuku Prince Hotel at 8:30 am

The final meeting point is at the LOVE monument in Shinjuku, in front of the "Shinjuku i-land" Tower (Nishi Shinjuku) at 8:45 am

Organised by Japan Panoramic Tours

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