Robot Restaurant Show in Tokyo

Lights, lasers and dancing robots rule the scene in the fun-filled themed restaurant

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2.5 hours


  • Experience one of Tokyo's biggest attractions
  • Be enthralled by a showing of robots, robot costumes, lasers and more
  • Special promotion on Robot Restaurant e-tickets


Get ready for one of the most memorable, only-in-Japan experiences! The sensory overload of the show including robots, dancers in robot costumes, lights, music and action will surely captivate you! The Robot Restaurant show in Tokyo is a one-of-a-kind spectacle. 


A must-see show while in Tokyo brings you a whirl of flashy robots, dancers in colorful robot- and character-inspired costumes, all spiced up with dazzling strobe lights, and music. 

The famous, one of the most-talked about entertainment venues in town - Robot Restaurant is situated in Kabukicho District of the Shinjuku Ward, just a short walk from Shinjuku station. You can get only a hint of what to expect once you enter the flashy, gaudy lounge area, from where you will be escorted to the basement where the actual show takes place. Even the stairway leading to the basement venue is covered in bling, splashes of color and characters. Once seated, as the show starts just sit back and prepared to be amazed at what follows! The show is divided into several exciting, action-packed numbers, and during intermissions you can purchase beverages and snacks. 

Important information

You need to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the main show and present your e-ticket to the Robot Restaurant staff at the entrance. 
Please note that late arrivals will not admitted. 

Starting point

This is a self-guided activity. Please refer to the map below for the location of Robot Restaurant, in Kabukicho district of Shinjuku Ward. 

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Organised by Voyagin

5 Reviews

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May 13, 2020

this reminds me of a horror game called Five Nights At Freddy's because they might have anime animtronics at that restaurant


Feb 17, 2020

A must for first-timers in Tokyo who want to experience the real futiristic and pop-culture of Japan, something that can only be seen here in Japan and should not be missed... Have also a look at the psychedelic toilets !


Aug 07, 2019

Intense, colourful, loud, unique and awesome... well worth the visit! :)


Sep 12, 2018

Great performance with a lot of energetic dancers and spinning robots. The show is unlike anything I have ever seen and even the costumes were impressive. Only downside is the long breaks that ruin the atmosphere, otherwise worth a visit.


Jul 20, 2018

This is a great show worth experiencing by everyone – full of bright, neon lights and over-the-top performances! Only in Japan!

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