Ramen & Gyoza Making Class

Home-style Ramen & Handmade Gyoza making at a Japanese home in central Tokyo.

3 hours


  • You will learn how to prepare authentic Japanese home meals from Japanese chef and recipe creator
  • Learn not only about Japanese cuisine but also about table setting, table manners and much more
  • You will have your class in an authentic Japanese home in Tokyo, and see what utensils and equipment is used. The home is in central Tokyo, and you can also enjoy the local atmosphere full of interesting findings.


Ramen and gyoza are becoming even more famous than sushi and tempura in the world. Ramen is a noodle dish with *delicious soup and many different toppings. In this class, we will make home-style ramen. Gyoza is a dumpling with minced meat and vegetable stuffing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make ramen and gyoza at your home? *We will make the soup from the scratch. We don’t use instant package! Join YUCa’s Ramen and Gyoza Making Class, and have one of the best experiences during your stay in Japan. Aside from making these dishes, you will learn about Japanese cuisine, how to set the table, what table manners are and much more! 


Ramen is becoming even more famous than Sushi and Tempura in the world. Ramen is a noodle dish with nutritious soup and many different toppings. The important thing to make delicious ramen is to make good soup broth! The art of Ramen is so DEEP! In this cooking class, I will teach homemade Ramen soup and several toppings including seasoned egg!

Gyoza is a dumpling filled with ground meat and vegetables and wrapped in a thin dough. We usually use ground pork, Chinese chives, green onion, cabbage, ginger, garlic and sesame oil, but some gyoza specialty shops have also come up with a range of other fillings. We will make the gyoza pastry from scratch!

The experience will be 3 hours long and we will make home-style Ramen & homemade Gyoza from start to finish.

We will first introduce ourselves, then I will do a lecture of Japanese food scenes and traditional seasonings and talk about everything we need to do. Afterwards, we will begin the recipe, talk through questions, and check in on how everyone is doing. Once we’re finished making Ramen & Gyoza, we sit down and enjoy the final products together. Let’s enjoy Japanese cooking!

Important information

Included in price

  • Fee of seasonings and ingredients
  • Recipe print-out

Not included

  • Hotel pick-up
  • Transportation to/from the cooking class venue

Minimum number of participants per class is 2 persons.
Maximum number of participants per class is 7 persons. 

Know before you book

  • Cancellation policy:
    1 week prior to the booked date : full refund
    6 days to 3 days prior to the booked date : 50% refund
    2 days prior to the booked date : no refund
    No show : no refund
  • If you have food allergies and restrictions, please tell us in advance. 
  • All classes are instructed in English.

What you need to bring

  • Big appetite

Starting point

10:00 AM at YUCa’s Japanese Cooking

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Organised by YUCa's Japanese Cooking

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