Paper-making experience in Kochi City

Discover more of Kochi City on a guided or self-guided tour that takes you on a journey of the famous Japanese "washi" paper. Visit a "washi" themed museum, try making "washi" yourself and meet a local "washi" artist in his home for a more in-depth experience of this traditional craft.

5 hours


  • Learn first-hand about the history and tradition of "washi" paper from Tosa, famous across Japan
  • Try making your own "washi" paper in workshops at the local paper museum and visit the home studio of a "washi" paper artist
  • Join a guided tour with an expert local guide, or venture out to explore western Kochi City on a self-guided tour


Downtown Kochi offers a variety of sightseeing spots. These include Kochi Castle and the elegant Harimaya Bridge that has a movie-like story to it. Kochi City is also a great choice for food lovers with its vibrant Hirome Market, and Obiyamachi Shopping Arcade. They all offer both local flavors and great atmosphere for both locals and visitors alike. However, in order to get to know Kochi on a deeper level and learn more about its history and traditions, we highly recommend a trip to the outskirts of the city. This tour takes you on a little journey inspired by "washi" paper to the west of Kochi City. Visit Ino-cho Paper Museum and the home of a local "washi" artist. Get acquainted with Japanese "washi" paper. You will also have an opportunity to try your hand at this traditional Japanese craft. Our guided or self-guided paper-making experience in Kochi City is definitely a day trip choice if you are into arts and crafts or simply want to try something different, creative and memorable.


Suggested tour itinerary

12:00 Kochi Station 
Meet your guide or start your self-guided tour at Kochi Station. The best way to travel to the western parts of Kochi City is by tram operated by Tosaden or JR rail, the JR Dosan Line. Both of these lines start at Kochi Station. Transport cost to Ino Station of JPY 480 by tram, JPY 260 by JR.   

12:05 Kochi Prefecuture “i “ Information Center Tosa Terrace
The Kochi Prefecture "i" Information Center Tosa Terrace is right next to the station. It offers a variety of useful multilingual brochures and maps. They have Wi-Fi accessible on the premises as well free-of-charge rental Wi-Fi for visitors, which is a special offer Kochi Prefecture has for foreign visitors. 

13:30 Ino-cho Paper Museum
Visit the Ino-cho Paper Museum where you will see not only various types of the famous Tosa "washi" paper on display, but you also have the opportunity to make your own. Tosa "washi" is well-know across Japan for its durability owing to a special combination of fibers and production methods used. The name "Tosa" comes from Tosa Province, which is a former province that is today Kochi Prefecture.  

15:30 Paperlab Home Studio
The owner of "Paperlabo" (Paper Lab), Mr. Tomohiko Kariya is a local artist who specializes in paper arts and crafts. He welcomes foreign visitors in his home studio, and offers a multitude of home- and professional-made "washi" and raw paper products at very affordable prices. 

Important information

Included in price

  • Guide service (guided tour)
  • PDF of the itinerary (self-guided tour)
  • Help desk support (self-guided tour)

Not included

  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Entrance fees

The tour may be done as guided or self-guided. 
Minimum number of participants for guided tour is 2.
Maximum number of participants for both guided and self-guided tour is 8. 

For further information, contact us at <>

Transportation options include: 

  • Walking: destinations included in this tour are likely too far for an access by walking.
  • Cycling: Accessing the western part of Kochi City by bicycle would be strenuous for those not used to cycling, however it is doable. Bicycles can be rented at the Kochi Prefecture "i" Information Center Tosa Terrace in front of Kochi Station. You need to provide the following information when renting: your name, address (accommodation in Japan), and telephone number. Bicycles need to be returned in the evening before closing time. 
  • Taxis:  Taxis are widely available, however few drivers speak English. Many drivers have taken courtesy courses and do serve non-Japanese customers.
  • Tram:  City tram operated by Tosaden is the best way to reach the Ino-cho Paper Museum. Tram station list and pricing may be found here. Note that when taking the tram and transiting between the East-west and North-south lines at Harimayabashi, and if you do not already have a 1-day pass, you will need a “route transfer” ticket, which you can get from the driver on the tram. You will have to pay the difference when getting of the tram. For more on this please see here

Know before you book

  • Cancellation
    6 to 2 days prior to the day of your trip: 50 % of tour price 
    1 day prior, on the day, no-show: 100 % of tour price

Starting point

Kochi Station North Exit
Sakaedacho, Kochi, 780-0061

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