Osaka Local Food and Culture Night Tour

Eat, drink, and be merry as we explore two different neighborhoods and three local-style restaurants far from the tourist crowds

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3 hours


  • Eat your way through a wide variety of Japanese small plate dishes, with something for every palate
  • Enjoy not only Japanese beer, but sake, shochu, and other local concoctions as well (Non-alcoholic beverages also available)
  • Laugh your way through the evening as your native or near-native English speaking guide regales with your stories about Osaka and its people


Join us for a just slightly offbeat, food, drink, and transit inclusive night tour of Tenma and Kyobashi. These are two of Osaka's most well-known local food and drink areas! You'll get to eat typical Osaka food, have a few drinks, frolic with the locals. You'll have all sorts of fun along the way! Your guide will be a native English speaker with the fluent Japanese to take you deep into the local scene. This small group tour (6 guests or less -- and it usually is less), combines history with adventure, as you explore the nooks and crannies of these very old parts of this awesome city. You're sure to have a great time getting to know the REAL Osaka on our local food and and culture night tour.


Just around sunset, we'll meet at Tenma Station (on the JR loop line, just one stop from Osaka Station/Umeda), which puts us right in the middle of a very old part of Osaka. First, we'll head to neighboring Ogimachi Park, taking in the views and getting oriented. Then it's time to dive in to Tenma proper! While walking around, your guide will explain the history and context of the area, and all about the culture that thrives here today.

After about 45 minutes of walking around, we'll stop for our first drink and bit of food for the night, in the heart of Tenma. Food will vary by restaurant and your tastes over the course of the evening, but typical dishes include "kushi katsu" (fried food on sticks), "dote nikomi" (slow cooked beef... parts), "tonpei yaki" (a grilled pork and egg dish), and some healthier things as well -- promise! A bit more walking around Tenma brings us to another great eating and drinking spot, quite different from the first one.

After we've thoroughly surveyed Tenma, we'll hop on a train for the short ride to Kyobashi, where the vibe is a bit more raucous, but equally fun! It's an old area, filled to the brim with character. In Kyobashi, we'll walk around about 10 minutes before stopping at a final "standing bar" for more food and drink.

Important information

Included in price

  • A dinner’s worth of food across three “tachinomi” (Japanese standing bar type restaurants)
  • Three drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), one at each stop
  • Transit between our two neighborhoods
  • A native or near-native English speaking guide for your group of 6 or less

Not included

  • Transit to the tour start point or from the tour end point
  • Drinks beyond the three provided (you are free to purchase additional drinks directly from the venue)

Know before you book

  • Cancellation: 2 days prior to the day of your trip – 40 %,
                                  1 day prior – 50 %,
                                  On the day – 100 %,
                                  No-show – 100 %
  • Vegetarians and even vegans can be accommodated, as can guests with most any other dietary requirement
  • Some restaurants may have seating, but there is a chance we’ll be doing our eating while standing at a counter or table. It’s the nature of these types of restaurants, and it’s a lot of fun!

What you need to bring

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Extra money if you plan on having more than the three provided drinks

Starting point

The meeting place is in front of McDonald's at Tenma Station. 

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Jul 03, 2019

The tour guide, Thapa took us to three restaurants/bars for the local, we, as a tourist, would never go there by ourselves, and we enjoyed the drinks and food very much.

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