Nagasaki: Peaceful Town & Fusion Culture Tours

Nagasaki - where Japan meets the world. Unlike anywhere else in Japan or the world - in a country that once sought to shut out foreign influences, Nagasaki's global heritage can still be felt to this day.

2 days


  • Experience all the best Nagasaki has to offer, with authentic intercultural food
  • Commemorate the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki while celebrating peace
  • All inclusive tour with English-Speaking guide


For many, the name " Nagasaki" conjures images of a brief but world-altering atomic flash in the summer of 1945, but the city is so much more than just this single moment of tragedy. Today the city is a living testament to peace, its residents adamant about commemorating the past and promoting the non-proliferation of nuclear arms. Once utterly destroyed by the bomb, the area near the blast's hypo-center has since been completely transformed into a beautiful green space of parks, museums, fountains, public works of art, and more.

Following the war, Nagasaki was quickly rebuilt and only small vestiges of the destruction remain, poignant reminders of the past. Visit the various wartime memorials and museums, and learn the sobering but critically important history of an event that changed the world from those who know it best, the local people. But don't be fooled into thinking that the atmosphere of Nagasaki is one of somber remembrance and concealed pain. The modern history of Nagasaki is not defined by a single moment of violence, but instead by a city's rebirth from fire and ash into one of Japan's most vibrant and multicultural metropolises.

There may be no better symbol for Nagasaki than the city's favorite local dish, "champon" noodles. An eclectic and delicious mix of international gastronomical influences invented by a Chinese immigrant restaurateur, the name itself is believed to be an original coinage meaning "a mix of different things". And that definition is as succinct a summation of Nagasaki that one can find anywhere. Chinese culinary cues, European architectural echoes, Judeo-Christian religious iconography - all of these and more can be found in Nagasaki, each with their own uniquely Japanese twist, of course.

Tour the city with a local guide who knows all of the city's best sights and secrets, delving deep into Nagasaki's particular brand of "fusion culture". Visit shrines and temples seemingly pulled out of a Chinese fairytale, just a short walk from 19-century Dutch colonial houses that were once the abode of wealthy European traders. Sample foods that can't be found anywhere else in the country, and experience the region's unique and colorful folk craft. Nagasaki showcases the best that Japan has to offer, and a little more.



Day 1 - Peaceful Town

  • Visiting the Atomic bomb Museum
  • Visiting A-bomb related sites
    • Peace Park
    • Hypocenter Park
    • Memorial hall
    • Urakami church
    • Sanno Shrine 
  • A Peace Guide's Speech
  • Pray with a thousand paper cranes
  • Lunch with a traditional food course

Day 2 - Fusion Culture

  • Oura Cathedral
  • Dejima
  • Lunch in Chinatown
  • Meganebashi Two Arched Bridge
  • Souvenir shop
  • Recommended places by a guide from Nagasaki
  • Mt. Insa

Important information

Included in price

  • Breakfast
  • Lunches
  • Activities
  • Entrance fees
  • Private guide
  • Transfers

Not included

  • Transportation to the meeting point (Nagasaki Airport)

Price starts from 72,900 Yen per person (2 persons minimum).

Know Before You Book

  • Cancellation: If the guest cancels their tour after the booking process is completed, the following cancellation fees will apply. In cases of multiple guests traveling together, if 1 guest cancels their trip, the applicable cancellation fee will apply for the remaining participants.
    ・Between 30 and 21 days before the date of travel = 30%
    ・Between 20 and 8 days before the date of travel = 60%
    ・Between 7 and 2 days before the date of travel = 75%
    ・Less than 48 hours before the date of travel= 100%
    ・No show or cancellation after trip start date= 100%
  • This tour is generally bookable up to 2 weeks prior to its date.

Starting point

Nagasaki Airport

593 Mishimamachi, Ōmura, Nagasaki 856-0816

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