Kochi: SUP Half-day Niyodo River – Beginners

Take in some of the finest natural river views in Shikoku as this four hour experience teaches you how to paddleboard down the famous Niyodo river.

4 hours


  • Lessons from the most experienced SUP (Stand-up Paddleboarding) teacher in Shikoku, who also happens to speak English!
  • All equipment supplied, rental protective swimwear (shoes, wetsuits) also available
  • Close enough to Kochi City, take the train instead of renting a car


This 4-hour SUP activity by one of Shikoku’s most experienced teachers, guiding you in either English or Japanese, will get you standing up with confidence. Once you’re up, you will set off on an adventure drifting down one of the most scenic and cleanest rivers in Japan. Looking down, you will see fish and rocks that appear in crystal clear relief.
If you are looking for a longer, in-depth exploration adventure of Shikoku, we recommend our 4-day Ohenro self-drive tour


As determined by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism for five years running, the cleanest river in Japan is Kochi Prefecture’s Niyodo River. Famed for its cobalt blue color upstream, the river flows 124 pristine kilometers from Kochi’s northern mountain range to the sea. Our SUP supplier is fully licenced to operate on this scenic river, and runs both Beginner and Experienced tours.

Your host and teacher is one of the most experienced SUP teachers in Shikoku. Hiromichi “Rangi” Sasaki has been in the watersports business for more than 23 years. He originally trained and served as a lifeguard in New Zealand (hence his nickname) then returned to Japan to bring his love of watersports to the nation. The result is this wonderful SUP activity operating on the Niyodo.

In this activity, you will learn to use a SUP board, paddling techniques, how to read river conditions, and of course enjoy a down-river paddling experience. You can be an absolute beginner, and Rangi will have you standing by the end of the lesson – or lying down on the board watching the clouds in the sky as you drift downstream. Of course, if your party is more experienced (perhaps you have surfed or skateboarded before) then Rangi will tailor your experience to give you a lot more time on the river, absorbing the visual beauty of the Ino-cho area of the river.

Tour itinerary: Choose between Morning and Afternoon session

Morning session
9:00 Pick up at Omurajinjamae Train Station (by supplier’s driver) (takes 3 min to the base)
9:15 Arrive at the home base in Hidaka-mura, then introduction, fitting, and basic instructions
10:00 Arrive at river departure point, lesson starts, followed by paddling/drifting 4 km downstream to pick up point
12:00 Pickup by supplier’s driver, and head back to base
12:30 Optional lunch and snacks (extra cost)
13:00 Drop off at Omurajinjamae Train Station

Afternoon session
13:00 Pick up at Omurajinjamae Train Station (by supplier’s driver) (takes 3 min to the base)
(train departure 12:30 or 13:20 from Kochi / 12:13 from Susaki)
13:30 Arrive at the home base in Hidaka-mura, then introduction, fitting, and basic instructions 
14:00 Arrive at river departure point, lesson starts, followed by paddling/drifting 4 km downstream to pick up point
16:00 Pickup by supplier’s driver, and head back to base
16:30 Optional lunch and snacks (extra cost)
17:00 Drop off at Omurajinjamae Train Station

Important information

Included in price

  • Priority booking, including customization of experience (extra cost)
  • Pickup and drop off from Omurajinjamae train station
  • Guide fee, insurance, life jacket, paddle board, accessory equipment, photo data
  • Optional: Rental shoes, rental wetsuit
  • Chat and voice support in English

Not included

  • Vehicle rental, tolls, gas, parking if you decide to drive
  • Insurance for vehicle or yourself and passengers
  • Admission to any additional attractions that have gate/entry fees
  • Vehicle accessories such as child seat, freezer box, etc.
  • Wi-Fi Router unless purchased separately, as recommended
  • Guides or other persons in attendance, other than the scheduled SUP activity
  • Equipment for any activities you may plan to do independently (unless booked separately with us)

Know before you book

  • All bookings must be made at least 1 week in advance, to allow us to prepare equipment and transport.
  • This SUP experience depends on availability coinciding with your travel dates, and we may suggest a nearby date if not available.
  • The SUP base is fairly remote, so if you need to have a meal, either pack snacks or buy the food option. Either way, please let us know well in advance. Further, if you have diet preferences (no meat, no gluten, etc.) be sure to let us know this.
  • You will not need a working (connected to Japanese cellular network) mobile phone for this activity, but if you wish to use one, we have high-performance, reasonably priced Wi-Fi routers available for pickup in Kochi BEFORE you leave on the train for the SUP base.
  • Some parts of the activity may be modified depending on weather and seasonal conditions.
  • High Season bookings - there is a surcharge for high-season reservations (Jul 4, 11, 18, 23, 24, 25, Aug 1, 8, 10, 15, 22, 29, Sep 5, 12, 19, 21, 22, 26)
  • Cancellation
    2 days prior to the day of your trip: 40 % of tour rpice
    1 day prior: 50 % of tour price
    On the day, no-show: 100 % of tour price
  • Japan is a safe country and this activity is low-risk, furthermore, the activity itself includes insurance coverage while you are with the supplier. However, considering the travel there and back, as well as perhaps wanting more extensive insurance coverage, we advise you to consider personal and third-party travel insurance out of abundant caution
  • If you are renting a car to get to Ino-cho, we recommend you buy the car rental company's insurance policy

What you need to bring 

  • Sturdy pair of water-friendly sandals or shoes
  • Swimsuit, towel, change of clothes
  • If you wear contact lenses, bring a spare pair of goggles
  • Glasses strap if you are wearing sunglasses or prescription glasses
  • Waterproof camera if you want to take your own photos and videos
  • Sunglasses, water bottle, and other personal accessories.

How to get there

  • By train: Take the JR Dosan Line from Kochi Station and alight at Omurajinjamae (Omura Shrine) station (K08-1 stop). Our driver will be waiting for you at the east-side exit parking area. Trip time: around 30 minutes. Trains leave roughly 30 minutes past every hour. Tickets are available at the ticket office at the Kochi Station for a return trip, or each way, with a machine-dispensed ticket at the Omurajinjamae station.
  • By car: After renting your vehicle, set your navigation system to 2658, Hidaka Village, Takaoka-gun, Kochi 781-2120. Get off at the Ino interchange or Tosa interchange, or if taking the Kochi-Nishi Bypass, then the Kamada interchange. We have parking onsite.

Starting point

Omurajinjamae Station
Shimobun, Hidaka, Takaoka District, Kochi 781-2151

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